Food Industry

Do you need to ship gourmet chocolates, cheesecakes, meat or seafood?

True Pack has the experience and capabilities to design an insulated container for your needs. Whether you are shipping gourmet chocolates, cheesecakes, meat or seafood, True Pack will provide you with a safe and reliable container to maintain the integrity and temperature of your product during shipment.

We offer standard sizes from 8″ x 8″ x 8″ to as large as a pallet shipper. These containers combined with True Pack’s patented insulated system offer protection to your product for domestic and international distribution.

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Precious Cargo

Pharmaceuticals, blood, tissue, platelets, vital organs, medical equipment, food products, candy and many other perishables.

Smart Engineering

Patents on design, manufacturing and style of containers.

Superior Protection

Superior protection for temperature-sensitive materials that need to maintain chilled, frozen, or room temperature conditions.