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Custom Insulated Containers


The majority of True Pack's orders are our standard patented collapsible insulated shipping containers.  If there is a requirement for an item that is not our standard product we also offer custom sized and designed containers cut to size to meet your needs.

True Pack's rigid CFC and HCFC-free polyisocyanurate foam with reflective foil facers are used as the core internal insulating system for all of our products.  This patented system with mitered sides and ends are hinged together and individually shrink-wrapped with FDA approved film, along with flush top and bottom panels.  Providing cleanliness and better  insulating capability.  The outer shell can be made as a corrugated, die cut plastic box or a soft sided container.  All containers are available with company information printed, labels or embroidered logos.

Also see Design and Qualification for more details.



  • Rigid and Sturdy Construction:  Cushioning product against shock and
    vibration in transit.  True Pack's patented design mitered sides and ends
    are hinged together and individually shrink wrapped with FDA approved film.
    The top and bottom panels are square cut flush to the walls to provide maximum
    thermal efficiency.
  • Economical:  Our patented collapsible containers enable you to receive multiple sets
    packed in master cases for shipping economically.  Large shipments - sets can be
    bulk packed on a pallet for either common carrier or air shipments.
  • Space Savings:  Our containers are collapsible, requiring 40 - 60% less storage
  • Recycle:  We have several "green" programs that can fit your needs.
  • No Die or Mold Cost:  You have the freedom to choose or change your
    container design at anytime without expensive die or mold charges.  All of our
    insulated systems are cut to size.
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