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Support Products


We offer a large variety of coolants/refrigerants for temperature critical shipping, allowing perishables to maintain a constant required temperature during transit.  Available in rigid plastic bottles, heavy duty welded seam soft packs and moisture-free soft packs with multi-layered absorbant outer material.  They are all non-toxic, food grade coolants/refrigerants that are leak-proof to prevent any contaminate to your product.  Our coolants/refrigerants are available in various weights from 6 oz to 96 oz, and are offered in three temperature ranges, ambient, chilled and frozen.  Custom sizes are also available. 

Temperature Indicators

ColdMark and WarmMark are inexpensive but highly effective environmental temperature indicators.  These provide a permanent, tamper proof record of essential data with regard to temperature within your insulated container.  Once attached to the product, and placed in the insulated cavity, these reliable indicators offer visual evidence of the temperature to which the product has been subjected.


Encased in a protective tube, specially formulated fluids change from a clear to violet color when subjected to an environment below the starting activation temperature level.  Four different activating temperatures offer a broad variety of applications.  Simply remove the release liner from the back of the indicator and apply the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to any dry surface and activate.


                                                                                                                                                     This temperature indicator has a proprietary red dye that is released onto a blotter to clearly indicate when your product is exposed to temperature levels above your starting activation level.  This creates a permanent, tamper proof record with immediate indication of the duration of exposure.  To activate the device simply remove the tab and barrier film and apply to a dry surface on your product.

Absorbent Material

Product safety and absorption is an important requirement for most carriers of products with breakage and leakage potential.  For the best protection, use Absorb-all.  For extra cushioning and absorbency protection, wrap product with absorb-all and place in a seal-tite bag.

Coolant Separator

Keep your product protected from ice, dry ice or coolants/refrigerants with True Pack's Coolant Separator.  These specially designed die cut corrugate dividers allows ventilation while acting as a moisture barrier to the product.  We offer two styles.  The lay flat separator along with the new stand-up design separator with a die cut lock tab for easy assembly.  No taping required, ready in seconds.


Polyliners are used to protect product being stored or shipped from a leak or spill from inside or outside of the insulated container.  The liners fit inside the corrugated container and outside of the insulation.  They are made of a heavy duty polyethylene plastic.

Red Bio-hazard Liners are an important product to help control the spread of diseases from biological, medical, waste and other types of contaminates.  We offer a variety of sizes in a red color with the universal Bio-hazard emblem imprinted on the bag.

Our seal-tite plastic bags are made of a polyethylene material and meet all USDA and FDA requirements.  Each bag features a reclosable seal that prevents leaking and extra protection to its contents.  We carry various sizes and thicknesses.

TP-Privacy Partition

True Pack has been contacted by some of our blood banking customers concerning their need for privacy improvement in the equipment set up for blood drives.  In an effort to address their concerns True Pack has designed and developed our "TP-Privacy Partition". 

Our latest product the "TP-Privacy Partition" is a light weight, modular system that is very user-friendly offering a quick and easy set-up and break-down.  This partition will allow True Pack's blood bank customers to spend more quality time with the donors.

We also continue to offer various patented packaging systems to the blood banking industry.

Please contact us for more details on this new product.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of these products.
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